What is the PTO?

PTO is a vital organization designed to represent parents and teachers in an effort to supplement and support our children’s learning experience. This is done through a variety of social and educational events.

Who belongs to the PTO?

All GES/GIS parents and teachers are encouraged to be active in the PTO. It is your opportunity to get involved in the many activities that are sponsored through the PTO. This is your group and the place where you can express opinions on school issues, programs, etc. There are no fees to become a member of this group. It’s a great way to get involved and meet other parents!

Who is in charge of the PTO?

The PTO Executive Board consists of up to 6 executive officers, the two school principals, and two teacher representatives. Program Chairs lead the various committees. Any GES/GIS parent is encouraged to serve on the board. Elections are held in April each year.

When does the PTO meet?

PTO meetings (non-school age children are permitted) are typically held the first Tuesday of every month at 9:30am at Granville Elementary, and we serve coffee and typically have snacks available for kids. PTO meetings are open to any Granville parent or teacher, and there’s even a crayon table for the kids to keep them entertained!

Why does the PTO have fundraisers?

The PTO pays for many of the activities and equipment throughout the schools.   Auction is the primary fundraiser, held every other year (next is March 2018), but we also offer school supply kits for the fall, provide a Student Directory, sell sportswear and set up a Jingle Bell Bazaar in December. Our K-6 students are never asked to sell anything door to door.

How does the PTO spend the funds it raises?

Funds our PTO raises are split into two categories based on the source of income: Auction Funds and Operating Funds.  
Auction funds are those monies raised at our biennial spring event.  The monies earned are split between the Elementary and Intermediate school and are often spent on a large item like the GES playground equipment or the GIS shelter house, or technology equipment.  The principal of each school proposes an allocation budget for the following two years, and those allocations are then voted on at a general membership meeting of the PTO.
Operating Funds are those monies and activities the PTO earns during each fiscal year.  Sportswear sales, Back to School Supply sales, the Jingle Bell Shop, the Target Red Card Program, the Amazon link, Boxtop Funds, Printer Cartridge Recycling, and other fund raising activities compose the monies that go to cover our operating expenses.  
Most recently, Auction Funds have been spent on some of the following items:

Books for reading resource rooms at both schools
Shelter House on GIS playground
Playground Equipment at GES
AV Multimedia Projector for GES Multipurpose Room
Climbing Wall at GIS
Technology Carts for every classroom in GES and GIS, completed fall 2010
Field Day Super Games
Author Visits (most recently Patricia Polacco and TIm Bowers)
COSI on Wheels Assemblies for 2nd and 6th Graders.
Leveled Reading Books Library at GES
Playground Toys for GIS
Columbus Zoo Distance Learning for Third Graders
Illustrator and Author Visits to Schools
Operating Funds have been spent to supply the following items:
Smartboards for classroom use
Playground Equipment
Equipment for OT/PT for Special Needs Classes
New laminator for GES
Self Rapelling Equipment for GES
$100 Annual Allocation per Teacher for Classroom Materials
$200 Allocation for New Teachers for Classroom Materials
$500 Annual Allocation for Science Experiments for 4th, 5th and 6th Grade
Battle of the Books & Reading Programs
Calculators for Second Grade
GES Science Night
Back to School Event
Family Fun Night

Walking Club Library for GIS (MP3 Players with books loaded to listen to while walking laps during indoor recess)

GES/GIS Reading Program Prizes

Boxtops Contest Prizes
Shelving for Teacher Resource Room at GES
Paint and materials to decorate the Teacher Lounge at GIS
Rolling bins (to return lunch boxes to classrooms) for GIS
Staff appreciation days throughout the year

In addition, the PTO holds an annual fall Scholastic Book Fair.  In lieu of money, our libraries and classrooms receive books and other items (like SmartBoards) from Scholastic.  In the past, every teacher at each school has been able to select $100 worth of materials as a result of the sales at this event.  Each library has also received a generous donation in books. 
PTO conducts these types of fund raising programs, instead of asking children and parents to sell items like many other districts.


Thank you for your continued support!