TERRACYCLE NEWS                                              



The TerraCycle committee would like to thank the following businesses in our community for helping to collect recyclable items for our schools:

  • Granville Child Care Center (squeezable food pouches)



What is TerraCycle? We collect certain items that would otherwise be dumped in a landfill. This treasure is sent to TerraCycle facilities where it is upcycled into usable products (back packs, garden supplies, so much more).


In turn, TerraCycle sends Granville PTO a check twice a year! They pay us for our garbage! Last year, we collected $432 in upcycleable waste that would have otherwise gone in the trash!



What do I do? Save items from the categories listed below and send them in with your student to be dropped in the collection bins. They don't need to be clean, just empty. Instruct your child to put empty TerraCycleable items in the appropriate containers when cleaning up at lunch. Bins are found in the lobby and cafeteria of GES, and each pod and cafeteria in GIS.

What are we collecting?


  • GoGoSqueez type fruit, baby food, and yogurt pouches (any brand)
  • Plastic Markers (any brand)
  • Foil lined granola, power, and energy bar wrappers (any brand)
  • Ink Cartridges (any brand)
  • Earth Born Pet food bags
  • Oral Care items (manual toothbrushes, empty toothpaste tubes, empty floss containers, and the packaging for all - Any Brand)


Together, we can continue to make our world a little cleaner, and a little greener

For more information, contact Cat at granville.terracycle@gmail.com or terracycle.org