Get your babysitters lined up!!!  You're not going to want to miss the Granville K-6 PTO 'Rock of Aces" Auction!!!  Dust off those lace gloves, grab your Aquanet and pull out your black leather because we are getting ready to ROCK!!!  

When: March 10, 2018 6pm - ???

Where: Apple Tree Auction Center in Newark**

**The owners of Apple Tree, Sam & Debbie, are amazing people. They donate their time, energy and space to help us, help our kids!! If you run into them, please thank them for all they do!!



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What is this auction you speak of??

Well first a little background...

Granville Schools have ranked amongst the highest in Ohio for years.  This year, their report card has distinguished them as the second highest graded school district in all of Ohio!(click for rankings)  And they do it with fewer dollars spent per student than the majority of schools in Ohio.  "WHAT that can't be?!?", you say, "But...the taxes!??!"  Yes, yes, we know, we pay a lot in taxes. But that's because we have amongst the lowest Federal/State funding in Ohio and very little commerce in Granville to offset the cost of our education so we absorb that on a local level with our taxes.  And given our rankings...we are seriously rockin' it with less!!

We all know that 'less' often translates into sacrificing things like classroom and school supplies, extracurricular activities, technology, physical education and the arts.  The Granville K-6 PTO strives to support and enrich our children's educational experiences as well as their social well being and acts as a community steward.  And this means that we need to do some fundraising to ensure our kids are well rounded and have access to all the resources that ensure they are sucessful in their goal of "Learning for Life"!  

However, unlike most other school districts, we NEVER send our children out to sell things.  No popcorn, no candles, no wrapping paper, no holiday knick knacks, no steaks(yeah that's a thing)...nope!!  The PTO does all the fundraising for the schools by offering helpful services and products as well as fun events.  We try to enrich while we fundraise!!


And that brings us to our Auction!!  

The Granville K-6 Auction is our biggest fundraiser.  It is held every two years in March and has historically raised over $80,000 for the schools!!

It's basically...well...it's a huge Granville party with an auction mixed in.  Over 400 people attend, there is a silent auction, a live auction with amazing trips, memorabilia and special experiences, local food vendors, a cash bar and raffles.

The thing that really makes it special? The K-6 Classroom projects.  Projects created by the kids themselves which are auctioned off.  The kids LOVE that their hard work raises money that they get to see in action.  They always ask, "How much did our project go for?!?"

(see past auction projects)

The funds from the Auction are split between GES/GIS, allocated over two years and used for things like artists in the schools, climbing walls, exercise trails, Smartboards for the classrooms, adaptive/assistive devices, Supergames, GES Science Night, Book Room supplies,  laminating equipment, yearly teacher allocations and so much more.

So please, consider donating items, money or best of all...YOUR TIME!!!  We have so many places that your skills can be used to plan and run, the Auction.  You can add yourself to the Auction volunteer list at any time by logging in to your account and updating your Volunteer info!!!

And if you can't help us out right now, definitely save the date and join us for what is always a great time!!!

See you at the Auction!!!

Jenn, Ashley, Melanie, Denise, Lorrayne & Valerie