These links are provided as a courtesy and reflect only information that our members have brought to our attention as potentially pertinent to the schools.  As such, this is NOT intended to be, and may not be, a complete list.  Whenever possible, all sources that print a story will be linked here.  If you have found additional news sources with information related to a topic, please contact us immediately so that we may add those news sources in a timely fashion.



***Per Federal Law, the Granville K-6 PTO, as a 501c3 is legally forbidden from taking a stance on any political campaign at a Local, State or Federal level.  This includes supporting or opposing candidates based on their point of view on a School Related Issue, making donations to any candidate or in any way attempting to influence an election.


Please read the full law: 501c3 Restrictions




Issues with a Potential Impact on our Schools




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