What is Battle of the Books?


BOTB is a voluntary reading incentive program in which students read from a book list over several months and then come together in teams made up of their classmates to test their knowledge of the books. The “battles” are games in which teams of students earn points by answering questions about the books on the book list. The teams play several rounds and at the end, points are totaled to find a winning team. It is a really fun and exciting time for students! The BOTB competition and celebration for participants will be held in May. Students have between now and then to read books from the book list. The Granville K-6 PTO sponsors this event.

What is the mission of Battle of the Books?


The mission is to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, to broaden reading interests, to increase reading comprehension, to promote academic excellence, and to promote cooperative learning and teamwork.

How do I participate?


Students participate by reading from the list below. Students must read or listen to the books (no movies instead of reading). Students do not have to read all the books on the list, but they must read at least 6(10 for GES) of the books in order to participate.

Do I have to participate?


All students are encouraged to participate, but they are not required. The 3rd - 6th grade teachers and the national BOTB organization have carefully chosen the book list. The list is intended to meet a wide range of interests and abilities.


Click to download:


3rd Grade Reading List

 4th Grade Reading List

5th Grade Reading List

6th Grade Reading List 



Battle Dates:    3rd Grade TBA    4th Grade 5/11/2020     5th Grade 5/19/22     6th Grade 5/22/2020

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Please contact us with any questions.  Happy reading!


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GIS Battle of the Book Chairs

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