Now the seat are all empty.

Let the ROADIES take the stage.

Pack it up and tear it down.

They're the first to come and last to leave.

Working for that minimum wage ...


The Auction may be over, and most of us have stop dreaming about decorations, beer, tickets, catalogs, hair metal and vinyl but we certainly haven't forgotten about all the folks who made the whole event possible.

This Auction Committee, will be eternally grateful to the folks behind the scenes, our Roadies.  We would like to give all of the Volunteers, Supporters, Friends, and our amazing Spouses a huge standing ovation.  Without your creativity, generosity, hard work, support, patience, patience and PATIENCE, that night would never have come together.



Please take a few minutes to look through our sponsors at the link below.  They consistently support us through donations throughout the year and we ask that you consider returning the favor when shopping around!!


We hope you all had as much fun as we did and thank you for coming out and supporting the Granville K-6 PTO!!  We'll see you in 2 years!! 


Keep on rockin' until then!!!




 -->2018 Rock of Aces Auction Supporters<--







So we here at PTO Central get A LOT of emails from folks who've missed deadlines for Sportswear, Back to School Kits, Registration for Events, missed out on tickets to an event etc..  Sometimes they forgot but often, they simply didn't see it.  We really work hard to get those dates out there and publicized but sometimes folks still miss them. : (


So...For those of you wondering where to look for up to date info on School & PTO Events as well as the latest communication, please check:


  • The PTO Facebook page
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  • Right here!!  We try to keep the info up to date on here and your best bet is to subscribe to the PTO Newsletters that come out on Fridays!
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